Packing & Prep Services

Proper packing of your items before a move is crucial! We are experts in this arena. Not only will your items not break in transit, but your bank won’t be broken either!

We use the highest quality packing materials, including: thick and strong boxes, premium dish pack padding, shrink wrap, and heavy duty tape. The right packing materials in the hands of a team that knows the right way to pack up a box and a truck is the only way to go when it comes to moving prep!

Residential Moving

We include all of the necessary moving equipment, service appliances, pad wrapping furniture and shrink wrapping your items, as well as provide you with wardrobe boxes and mattress bags, disassemble and reassemble items. No matter if you have stairs, elevators, long carries or fuel concerns, it is all included in the price. Read More

Commercial Moving

We have been a go-to moving company of choice for professionals of all shapes and sizes since 1985. We understand the challenges that can be faced when moving a business operation from one place to another, and come prepared to make that transition a smooth one for you, so your business can hit the ground running. Read More


Our “TRASH DAY” Junk Removal division is here to make your unwanted items disappear, responsibly! After loading your unwanted furniture, electronics, or just plain junk into our truck, we use a tiered approach to make sure they go to the best place possible. Donations, recycling, or re-purposing comes before the dump every time. Book Thru TRASHDAY

Packing and Prep

Be it as a part of your big move on moving day, or a standalone service, we are the packing professionals you can trust to get your valued possessions ready to move safely. We follow industry best practices in padding, wrapping, and stacking that make all the difference when moving valuables from point A to point B. Read More

Piano/Specialty Item Moving

Seriously, don’t try to move your own piano or hot tub! We have decades of experience solving the problems and intricacies that are associated with the relocation of big, heavy, dangerous and fragile items. And, we do not take you to the cleaners in exchange for the service. You will not find a more skilled team at a better price. Read More


BESTMOVE crews are equipped with complete tool kits and power tools that are used for the quick and skillful breakdown/reassembly of your furniture. We build your bunk beds, hook up your refrigerator, and setup other appliances like washers and dryers. No surcharges. It’s all included in the hourly rate. Read More

New Service: Local Storage

We offer a secure local in-warehouse storage for a few days or a few years! It can be self storage where you are welcome to load your own household goods and items into our storage vault containers -or- we can provide full moving services to pick up and load your items for you. Your choice!

And of course, at BEST MOVE, it’s always at a fair and reasonable price!

Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of moving companies in The Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. What makes us great?

Honest and Fair Pricing

We are a FAMILY moving company, and treat our customers as such. We have absolutely ZERO hidden or last minute surcharges/fees. When you get a rate for your moving job from Lyn, that is the rate. The services offered under that rate umbrella are clear! No surprises!

30+ Years Experience

We have been at this since 1985, and our advertising budget has NOT been the thing that has kept us busy all these years. Our customers become customers for life, and advocates of our team, because we take pride in our work and we know what we are doing. Don’t be fooled by moving companies with fancy advertising that lack true experience and know-how!

Highly Reviewed

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out reviews from our actual customers on Google and Yelp. We strive to constantly keep up with and exceed the expectations people have for us to be The Better Movers, and we are fortunate to have many happy customers who choose to share their experience with others.

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